Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doctor's Appt

So, I don't really know as much as I would like to, which is unfortunate.

We did the sonogram first, and it was good to see that she was fine and doing well. Her heartbeat was good and she was moving, just not moving in any way that I could feel. The tech kept us on the ultrasound for about twenty minutes longer than she needed to just so we could see her flex and move and make sure she was ok.

The doctor came in to check everything and we found out that I haven't progressed any further. I'm very disappointed that with the frequency and strength of the contractions, I'm not any further dilated. I shouldn't be surprised since I never dilated with Katie, but it is frustrating. We had another very scary night last night with a lot of very frequent and intense contractions combined with (TMI ALERT - LOOK AWAY) a lot of leaking fluid. Unfortunately, it wasn't a clear fluid, so I knew it wasn't my water breaking, but I couldn't imagine what on earth could be leaking in that quantity. The doctor was a bit surprised by this since she said my amniotic fluid levels were the best they had looked lately (good!), and so she did an exam and found a yeast infection on top of the bladder infection. I don't know anything new about the bladder infections - why I'm getting them or what they are - because the results aren't in from the hospital yet, so that is frustrating.

Doctor gave me a long pep talk about how close we are to the 18th (we are...it's only two and a half weeks) and how important for the baby it is to stay in there. Most of the brain development is taking place right now as well as lung development. I know this, but it doesn't mean I'm a happy camper.

She said we're moving to 2x weekly appointments to make sure we are monitoring her very carefully and that if there is ever a time when her strip (her heartbeat/accelerations) is not looking good, she will not hesitate to get her out of there. That is good to hear. We monitored her again today and she was a bit more lively, but, again, it took a lot of pounding on my stomach to wake her up and make her react. So, that means I'll be back in on Thursday for another exam and appointment, and we'll continue the Tuesday/Thursday schedule from now on.

She also switched me to Heparin today from the Lovenox. As I've said before, the Heparin has a shorter life, so if I would go into labor on my own, it will wear off much quicker than the Lovenox and also has a medication that can reverse it if necessary (which Lovenox does not), but it does need to be injected twice a day. So I'll now be on 2 shots a day (again, not the worst thing in the world, but not something I'd typically volunteer for).

Jellybean looks good - that much we are clear on. My body is just falling apart and being a complete mess, but at least we are going to be monitoring her much more closely. I really wish we had some answer to these infections and why I'm still having all these non-productive contractions, but we don't. Thank you all for all the good thoughts; I'm just worn out now. It's been a long day and night and there's no sign of those stopping any time in the next few weeks, so I need to try to get some sleep before it all starts up again.

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