Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doctor's Appt - the End?

Hopefully today was my last doctor's appointment pre-baby, but I kinda doubt it. My doctor has been out of town for the weekend and was still gone today. I'm not entirely sure why they scheduled my appointment for today since they knew she would be out of town, but I'm assuming it was a miscommunication of some kind. In any case, I had to meet with the nurse midwife (which always annoys me because I just don't like her at all) and it's up in the air as to whether I will be back later in the week.

As always, no dilation. This is pretty surprising as I really thought we were heading into the hospital last night. I was having contractions that were absolutely huge (for the first time, I could not walk or talk through them) and they were only two minutes apart, but after about four hours they backed off a bit. I am absolutely convinced that my body is incapable of dilating. If you consider all the contractions I've been through and the fact that I have only dilated to the point I did with Katie (and with Katie it took 20+ hours and lots of drugs to get this far), I am concluding that my body is incapable of progressing in labor on its own. Therefore, I have also made the decision to go back on the contraction-reducing drugs until Friday to hopefully help myself survive until then. If my water breaks, great! But clearly there will be no active labor through simple contractions.

The monitor showed HUGE contractions today (the nurse was amazed) and that they were two minutes apart, so that's consistent with last night. I am now in pretty much constant contraction land. In a typical hour, they are four or five minutes apart, but they do get as close as two. They do not stop. I have not had a contraction free hour in so long that I don't remember it - I know it's at least been since Thursday night. Jellybean is really really irritated and kicking back with each one. I have tried to explain to her that this really just makes the situation worse, but she is clearly going to do whatever she can to show her displeasure.

Tomorrow I should get a call from the doctor's office to find out if I'm coming in again on Thursday or not. We'll see. Right now, Friday can't come soon enough...but we are very very close.

We took Katie out today to paint her own pottery after preschool. It was another thing on my list of stuff to do with her this week before the surgery. She had a great time and did a very nice job - she actually spent 45 min. on it; I thought that was pretty good focus for a three-year old.

I've had two times this week where I thought my water might have broken. Once was Monday morning - I woke up coughing a lot and felt a huge gush. After an hour or so, things tapered off, so we assumed it was nothing. Same thing happened again today. My ever-inventive husband finally went out to the store and got some Ph strips for testing water in aquariums and pools and it appears I have not yet broken my water but that I do now have the ability to do some very primitive testing at home :) This makes me happy and allows me to worry less, so it's a very nice development.

Other than that, there's not much to relate. This is so very different from Katie's pregnancy because now I have too much time. Things are done and I'm left wandering around wondering what I've forgotten or what I've missed. I spend a lot of time thinking and wondering about everything that will happen on Friday. And I've never been this pregnant - having made it to 36 weeks with Katie, I am officially one week more pregnant than I have ever been. God bless those who make it to 40 or 41 because just being this pregnant (no contractions considered) is really uncomfortable. Turning over in bed is really tough and waddling is a joke.

Three more days. I'm ready ;)

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