Monday, November 7, 2011


Unfortunately, I am not feeling well today, but I don't think it's pregnancy related.

Katie got sick last night. A lot. She started at about nine pm and just kept vomiting over and over (honestly, I'm amazed at the quantity she was able to vomit considering the first round pretty much emptied her stomach contents). Every few minutes or so, she would start to get sick again. The first two times we were too late and had to end up cleaning up the bedroom, hall, her pajamas and give her a bath because it was a mess. The third time I managed to get a trash can under her. The next few times, she was able to make it to a toilet. It's really hard because she still isn't old enough to understand what vomiting is. She calls it "spitting" (as in, "I need to spit") and it makes her cry because she's scared.

So, that was a long night and I was home with her today (the bonus of not working right now). This morning was really rough for her - she still couldn't keep anything down and she developed a nasty fever. After a really good nap and some ibuprofen, she is doing much better and keeping down crackers and pedia-lyte (and dancing to Sprout on TV), so I think it's a quick bug.

Unfortunately, as the day has progressed, I have felt worse and worse. Brian confessed to having similar symptoms on Saturday night, so it may just be a little bug we are passing around. I feel very achy and nauseous and it's very hard to enjoy Jellybean kicking because when you are nauseous and achy, kicks don't feel very good at all. I also have a massive headache and I feel pretty wiped out. I'm hoping that a decent night's sleep will cure us all. I hate that it's been one of those days where I'm ready to call it a night at 3pm (that just makes for a long and uncomfortable evening). Hopefully we'll all crawl into bed pretty early tonight and we'll all be feeling better tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is my 36 week doctor's appointment. My contractions have slowed down yesterday and today which is a mixed blessing. It is very nice to go through a day without nasty rounds of those things, but it also means that there's little to no possibility of actual labor. Doesn't it just figure that it all settles down right about now? Somehow I just knew that something like this would happen. Doctor says it's quite common - that often they end up fighting preterm labor for weeks or months and then end up having to induce at 40 weeks for some weird reason. Very strange. I'm thankful I don't have to wait until 40 weeks - she's got an eviction notice posted for next week :)

Next week...that's a nice feeling. Any time you're ready, Jellybean. I'm anxious for you to make your arrival.

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  1. wow, NEXT week!
    keeping my fingers crossed for you - that you all get better and that the labour will be quick and you will happily hug your Jellybean!