Sunday, November 6, 2011

Energy Burst

Earlier today was very similar to yesterday - still feeling just kinda "bleh," but I had a pretty good morning anyway. We've been having a LOT of trouble finding decorations for Jellybean's room (like an obscene amount of trouble considering her theme is monkeys - but we're trying to avoid "jungle," so that makes it harder. Oh, and I'm not willing to go to Babies 'r Us and pay like $50 for a lamp), so we went out and did a bit of creative shopping. After looking around at Michaels, Jeffrey Allen, and Target (sometimes it's a bummer that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays) we found some good scrapbooking paper and some decals, stickers, and iron-on decals and put together some framed pictures of our own. They turned out quite nicely and helped the room look not quite so bare. Then we took Katie to the mall which has FINALLY installed a very small indoor play area and let her burn off some energy.

After lunch, I took a nap (my usual on weekends...I can get by without during weekdays, but I guess that's because I can sleep in) and didn't really sleep. Just some dozing - I mean, I think I slept a bit at some points, but it was one of those naps where you just really are very comfortable and it doesn't matter that you don't really sleep. I was in a much better emotional place and found myself actually just enjoying laying there and feeling Jellybean play around. She was having her usual mid-afternoon aerobics class, so I just put my hand on my stomach and enjoyed feeling her (usually, I try to avoid doing this because feeling her outside of my stomach when she's this strong typically creeps me out - I don't like when it feels like the alien thing trying to escape) move around. I also had a nice peaceful and excited feeling - like something is going to happen very soon and I'm just really excited for it. I'm anticipating and ready, but not anxious or frustrated like I have been. It was almost like for a few hours, God just granted my request to have the normal, exciting pregnancy I really wanted. I knew it was unusual, so I tried to just really be in the moment and enjoy it and it was great.

I woke up and Katie and Brian were out doing errands and I felt unusually good, so I decided to take a walk. I didn't anticipate doing much since I've been so achy and feeling so badly, but as soon as I started I felt just normal. I didn't even notice this large belly in front of me and I started at quite a brisk pace. It was just like any normal month where I would go for a walk to burn some energy and calories. I made it several blocks downhill and then turned around and came back uphill and still felt great, so I did it again. In all, it was only about thirty minutes, but it was pretty quick and felt really good. I know I'll pay for it a bit in the morning because my muscles will have stretched a bit too much and be achy, but it was totally worth it.

So, it's been a really lovely afternoon and evening. Part of me wants to hope that the energy spurt and extra exercise will get things moving, but I know better than to think about it too much right now. I'm just going to watch some animation domination on tv and see what happens.

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