Saturday, November 5, 2011

Creepy Craft Show

We went to a local craft show today because...well, 'tis the season. We enjoy doing this before Christmas, and the others are all scheduled for after my surgery, so this was probably the only one we will enjoy this year. We found a nice pair of globes and hat for Katie, a few burp cloths for the baby, and a runner for the baby's dresser. Overall, a good haul. Katie even got her face painted.

However, not one...not two...not three...not a number I can even count (I honestly lost track) of older women randomly kept coming up to me to ask me about my baby girl. The questions were all the same:
"When is your baby girl due?"
"When will your baby girl arrive?"
"What are you going to name your baby girl?"

Now, none of these took place in any of those diva booths (the ones with hair bows/headbands/name plates/etc that would generally lead one to believe I was shopping for a girl). They were all simply as I was walking past or looking at more generic crafts. I don't know any of these women - have never seen them before. And I'm pretty sure I left my "It's a girl!" sign at home today. Needless to say, after the first one, it was ooky, but after so many it started to just get plain creepy. Thankfully, no one had urges to touch, which was helpful.

We had a very nice day, but I've not been feeling too grand today. I don't know if it's that general third trimester nausea again or if it's because everything's just all squished together in there, but I just feel kinda flu-ish and not well. It's not terrible, just an all around "ick" feeling. I tried to nap it off, but had little luck. I can also tell that Jellybean has really dropped because today was the first day that walking was actually painful (and my low back didn't care for it either).

So, we had a nice day shopping; I'm just sad I didn't feel so great. Hopefully it's a passing thing and tomorrow will be better. Or, I can get my hopes up again and think that maybe it's another sign that Jellybean will show up tonight or tomorrow. Honest to goodness - for as ornery as she was from week 28 on, you would think she would have leapt out as soon as I could start moving. I'm becoming more resigned to waiting until the 18th (it's easier to do now that it's only 13 days away), but I'm still very very open to the possibility of meeting her sooner.

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