Thursday, October 6, 2011


Thankfully, things looked better today. The sonogram in the hospital and the one in the doctor's office showed that I have moved from "low" to "stable," so that's a relief. The only problem with this particular development is that I have been drinking enough water to literally float away, and it appears I will have to continue this particular habit in order to ensure things stay ok. But, as long as it all looks good, this is not that big a deal.

I did, apparently, pick up a little bit of a flu bug that I also had to get checked out today. I'm running a low fever (I'm usually about 96.6, but today I'm about 99.6) and very nauseous, so they LPN at the office seemed to think I've just picked something up (and with Katie going to not one but two different germ factories during the week, this is not unlikely) and that it's not a big deal. Tylenol and more water. Apparently, water is the cure for everything when pregnant. Contractions and preterm labor? Drink more water and lie down. Low fluid? Drink water and lie down. Flu bug? Drink water and rest. I think I've got this under control.

And so, thankfully we have (so far - knock on wood) a drama free day. Let's continue this trend for a while. Tomorrow we'll hit the 32 week mark and then it's just two more weeks (and a few days - my appointments are on Tuesdays) of "strict" bed rest, I hope. Even getting to do a small amount of movement would seem like a major relief (and would make me feel much better about how I'm going to recoup after the birth). Isn't it funny that I've been on bed rest for almost two weeks, but the amount of drama we've had has made it anything but boring.

I'm feeling a bit badly because Katie is having a very hard time with all of this, and there's not much I can do. Brian's parents came over today to take her out for a while so we could go to the doctor, but she had a massive meltdown when she heard I was going to the doctor. Doctor and hospital have become synonymous to her lately, and she's very afraid that when I go to the doctor I won't be coming home again that night (and who can blame her - in the past two weeks, I've spent five days and four nights in the hospital). I hope this all settles down so she doesn't start to associate any doctor with someone leaving (can you imagine how bad that could be in April when we go for her yearly check-up?).

Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. It's nice to hear them and to know that we're not facing all of this alone. I need to just work at staying positive and stop worrying about what may happen next. We're still only 31 weeks and nothing should happen, so there should be nothing to worry about...I need to just get myself to believe that. We'll go back to the doctor on Tuesday for our regular weekly check-up and we'll do another NST and probably an ultrasound to check fluid levels (sounds like that will be a standard part of each exam now). By my estimate, we've had 13 sonograms now - Jellybean has two photo brag books that are almost completely full of pictures. She'll have more prenatal photos than most kids have in their first few weeks/months :)


  1. Well, thank goodness for no drama. Today, at least. I know you can make it! Just, you know, drink water. And rest. Oh, and maybe if you just relax ;)

  2. LOL! Relaxing is on my agenda :) Let's see if life let's me do that for a while.