Sunday, October 9, 2011

Learning about Jellybean

One of the bonus points about the high risk pregnancy is that we're getting to know Jellybean quite well before she even arrives. Over the past few weeks, she's been monitored so closely and viewed so regularly by ultrasound, that I feel like I already know her.

Of course, there was already quite a bit that we knew. She gets the hiccups often. This appears to be an family trait as her father and sister also do this. I have noticed that she is notorious for getting the hiccups first thing in the morning - around 8am - and at night before bed - about 9pm. She's almost like clockwork, and, the poor thing, they go on for a looooooong time - almost fifteen minutes. That simply can't be comfortable. She had them the other day while we were on the Toco monitor and it was really cute to watch the little blips every few seconds and listen to them.

Other things we have learned? She HATES being monitored and viewed. Absolutely positively can't stand it. She can be as quiet as possible when we head into the doctor's office, but as soon as they strap those monitors on, she starts rolling and kicking and shoving. My theories are that she a) doesn't appreciate the extra pressure that comes from them being strapped on (especially when it takes them a few tries to get them in the right place) and b) she doesn't like the extra noise. They always turn the monitors up quite loud so they can hear them in the hallway, and I'm going to guess that she doesn't care for the statick-y, thumping, noise.

Ultrasound pisses her off even more. She has herself head down and VERY curled up in my pelvis and really hates when they are trying to look at her - particularly her face (which I agree with - she's so low down that it's very difficult to get a good angle and not so comfortable for me either). I enjoy watching her onscreen when they do ultrasounds because I can watch her grabbing for the probe or kicking it away. She wants it gone immediately. It's pretty darn cute.

She also spends almost her entire time on the ultrasound with a thumb or fist in her mouth. We bought binkies. I think she will want and use them.

During our last ultrasound, we also found out that she has a cleft chin. My brother has one of these and we've always made fun of him for it, so it seems only natural that she would get this particular trait (he was thrilled to hear it). We saw it very clearly on the screen and it was very cute. I also think that she looks exactly like Katie when she was a baby. Brian says he can't tell from an ultrasound, but I think it's pretty easy to see. We don't know about hair yet, but that will come soon enough.

I know that she's long and skinny just like her sister. She's apparently at about 17in and 4lbs right now. When Katie was born at 36 weeks, she was 18.5in and 6.7lbs - so she's right on track to be a string bean like her sister if she's born early. Her legs are amazingly long - the ultrasound tech is always amazed by this, but, again, very much like her sister. Even though her head is way down in my pelvis, she can still kick her feet up into my ribs if she wants to. She appears to have larger feet and hands as well, so that helps make it pretty uncomfortable when she does manage those kicks to the ribs.

Overall, she appears be healthy, happy, and active, which is the most important part. Whenever we monitor or look at her, she has everything where it needs to be and her heart is good and strong. She is still actively teaching a prenatal Zumba or kickboxing class in there, so I know she's strong and energetic. Thankfully, it appears the Lovenox is doing its job and keeping the cord open and unclotted so she can remain healthy and active in there.


  1. so cute to know so much about her, already!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that reading this post made me cry. It is so sweet to hear you talk about Jellybean, and all the things you already know about your baby! It's just absolutely amazing- a wonderful way to look at the bright side of this process.

  3. It is an amazing miracle and I am very thankful to be able to keep close tabs on her. Thank you for your kind words :)