Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preterm labor: the gift that just keeps on giving...Now with update

So, we didn't have the uneventful visit we wanted. After discussing what had been going on with the doctor, we had an exam. There was fluid present that she tested and determined it was "negative," which I'm assuming meant both amniotic fluid and UTI, but I could be wrong. I only heard "negative." We're still fully closed and tight, so that's good.

Baby was very high on the fetal monitor today, but they still weren't concerned. Most of the half hour, JB was at about 180. They said it still looked good...makes me nervous though. Seems like a lot for the poor gal.

Since I've had more discharge lately, they decided to also do a sonogram to check my fluid levels in the uterus. I had this done twice at the hospital - last Saturday and Monday. At that point, I was measuring 16cm. Anything above 8 is good, so I was double. Well, I don't know what the number was today, but it wasn't 16. They said I was on the very low side of normal, so somehow I lost a lot of fluid over the past week. I have to go back in on Thursday for another sonogram to see if this improves or what it does. Great...another thing to worry about. They told me to continue to rest and to increase my fluids to 64oz a day. Brian tried to explain to the nurse that 64 is a minimum for me - I have already had 2 liters this morning before my appointment (as I am a bit of a water addict), so I'm not sure how helpful this advice will be for us.

And so we go up and down. Now we just wait until Thursday afternoon and see what happens next. I have to say, this has been a major blow emotionally. I was doing very well adjusting and figuring out how to just "be" with this bedrest thing and was starting to feel a bit stable, but I feel like I just got the wind knocked out of me. I honestly don't know how much more up and down I can take...I feel like this whole pregnancy has been so emotionally taxing that I'm just completely drained. I have so little left for Katie right now and I find myself snapping at her for the littlest things...I just have no patience and I feel depressed and anxious. Of course, when I'm like that with Katie, it makes me feel even worse. I need some answers and Thursday cannot come soon enough. I'm absolutely terrified this will mean an early (too early) delivery or more hospitalization.

We thought my water broke (again) last night, so I got to spend yet another night in the hospital. Thankfully, I am now home, so that was clearly not the case. They seem to think I have a tear high in the sack and that I'm leaking small amounts of fluid at random times since they can't get consistent positive tests on the fluid (but many inconclusives!) I woke up in a puddle last night, so I naturally assumed my water had broken. After two inconclusive tests, they got a negative, but the doctor wanted me to stay the night. We did a full workup of tests this morning along with another ultrasound to check fluid levels. Still on the low side of normal, but "stable." We'll have another ultrasound tomorrow back at the doctor's office to check again. I was released from the hospital even though I was having regular strong contractions because I'm due to take my medicine in a few hours and they results of the fluid tests were negative. As long as they back off, things will be ok.

I had to cry as I was talking to the doctor. All of this is just so frustrating and so nerve-wracking. I'm very very happy to be home again and to know that JB has made it through another few days inside where she's safe. Now mama needs less drama. And sleep - that just doesn't happen in a labor and delivery room.


  1. Katie will be okay. I know what you mean and I hate myself whenever I'm the "evil mommy." Hang in there!! Love you!!

  2. I had oligohydramnios also, but that was at about 37 weeks for me. It's scary all that you have been going through. I pray you will get a few more weeks at least.