Friday, October 28, 2011


Another day, another doctor's visit.

A rough day today that shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Been having a lot of contractions, pressure, pain, cramping, etc - all not good signs at this point. Usually I just have one or two of them - having all of them together, by itself, made today an unusual situation. Then we need to add to it a serious lack of movement on Jellybean's part.

Orange juice. No movement. Breakfast. No movement. Water. No movement. Lunch. No movement (you getting the idea?)

We had to go in to be monitored again. After 45 minutes, JB's heart was just flat - no movement up or down at all. So the nurse practitioner, my doctor was out of the office, gave me a couple of Lifesavers. We got a small couple of bumps upward after an hour of monitoring. She felt that was good and was ready to send me on my way. Typically, you should see two accelerations of 15bpm up or down during an hour for it to look good. We didn't get that. We got about a 10bpm acceleration two times in three minutes (which isn't the same). Asked about it and was reassured with, "Well, she moved. If she's still not moving tonight, you should go to L&D to really get checked out." Yup. That made me feel really good. So, now I'm scared out of my mind because JB has gone back to NO movement whatsoever and I feel like I have no good answers.

I did find out I have another UTI (yup, that's four now for this pregnancy), so I had to go over to the hospital for a bunch of labs. I guess we'll find out about those on Tuesday. More medication to add to the antibiotic I was already on to prevent UTI's (guess it didn't work).

Scared, anxious, and tired right now. Hoping not to go back to L&D tonight, but I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one...


  1. Thinking of you.
    Good luck with the rest of the evening.

  2. oh my
    poor you!!!
    I hope you get good answer soon
    and I am also waiting for the birth of a healthy little one!

  3. This is such a nervewrecker....

    I hope JellyBean comes to you safe and healthy.

    Just sending you lot of vibes and thoughts and wanting it to work in your and baby's favour.

    Take Care!