Friday, September 30, 2011

Small Events

It hasn't been too bad for our first few days on bedrest. I've gotten to go out a lot due to doctor appointments, so that helps a bit with the stir crazy. It is hard to see the beautiful weather outside and know I have to go back inside, but I'm getting used to it. It's hard, but it's starting to feel normal in a weird way.

We had a scare last night, but thankfully it appears to be nothing. I had a lot of pressure that started Wednesday night and continued throughout the day on Thursday. It was pretty intense and made it hard to breathe most of the day. I knew they weren't contractions, so we just waited it out. I started to have contractions around 2 and had a few every hour - 2 or 3 - nothing to get too worked up about, but Brian had me call the doctor just to check. The doctor was gone for the day when I heard back at 4:00, and the nurse told me to go to L&D to be monitored. I broke down crying and had a little bit of an emotional breakdown when I called Brian. I was honestly afraid to go back there because I didn't want to end up staying again. Clearly, I have some emotional issues from last weekend to get over. He suggested we try to wait it out since we had an appointment this morning at 11, acknowledging that if anything changed or got worse we would certainly go in.

We waited it out. The pressure stayed intense and there were a couple close moments. Around 5 and around 9pm we had about an hour of solid contractions - every three or four minutes, but they didn't hurt - just a lot of pressure and I couldn't breathe. When we went in this morning, I told them everything and we sat on the monitors for another hour. They saw a few contractions on the monitor (nothing like what I had last night, and nothing I would have called a contraction. They felt like pressure, but not contractions), but the baby was good again (still high heart rate - mostly around 170). My cervix is still closed, so they felt good saying that we needed to just keep on bed resting and taking the medicine - of course, should things change we need to call or head to L&D. They're still feeling really good about that negative FFT, which is a really solid indicator that there's no imminent labor, so I think we're really just watching Jellybean and making sure she's ok.

So, it wasn't an uneventful couple of days, but at least we had a good report - not as clear-cut good as Wednesday, but good. The weekend makes me nervous since the doctor's office isn't open (I know we can call, but it makes the likelihood of a trip to the hospital more likely), but it seems we are looking for either a lot of frequent contractions or painful ones (which I thankfully haven't had since Saturday).

I guess the really good thing about bed rest is that I'm freakin' exhausted. These contractions and pressure keep me up at night and make my day uncomfortable (and they just wear me out - it's like doing ab workouts all day without the benefits ;) At least I don't have to worry about what I need to do or where I'm going to get the energy for something. Other than really wishing I could be outside enjoying this beautiful weather or taking Katie to the pumpkin farm or something, we're doing well. Fingers crossed that it stays that way. 31 weeks...we're getting there!

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