Thursday, September 22, 2011

60 days!

First, updates:
I called the doctor yesterday but have not heard back; however, I also spent most of yesterday and last night in severe pain with cramping feelings and shooting pains in my pelvis. Therefore, I called again today. Waiting.

Secondly, I was just offered a small role in a show at community players that I would love to take. I'm so happy that they are actually thinking of me now when they have to fill a spot (it's a tough spot - lots of intricate harmonies and whatnot, but it's nice to be thought of), but of course I turned it down. Hopefully similar opportunities will show up in the future :) It just made my day to see that message, though.

I know I usually celebrate when I'm below a number, but we're changing it up this week.

30 weeks by the numbers:

I have now been pregnant for 210 days.

I have given myself 182 shots.

I have had three kidney infections and now take daily antibiotics to keep them away.

I have had ten prenatal appointments and 2 non stress tests.

I have had blood drawn for pregnancy purposes 30 times.

I have taken 112 doses of progesterone.

I have had seven sonograms and five doppler screenings.

I have had three visits to the ER and one visit to outpatient labor and delivery.

I have had one CT scan, which we never ever ever want to do again during a pregnancy.

I have had one gestational diabetes test: negative :)

I have been able to feel the baby move around for 14 weeks now. It's getting gentler as her space gets smaller, but she's still poking around in there.

We have painted five rooms in our house to make things look nicer and cleaner for when we are cooped up in the house all winter.

I have sorted through eight bins of old baby clothes from Katie and tried to separate out all the April/May stuff from stuff we can actually use in November. These items now fill three drawers in Jellybean's new dresser.

Katie has changed Jellybean's name four times. Typically, she wants to name her "Sister," but has also suggested "Peanut," "Jeff," and "Hazel." I don't think we'll be listening to her advice.


  1. The Wiggles. Jeff goes everywhere with us anymore.