Friday, September 16, 2011

Non-stress Test

We've had decreased movement over the past three days, so I called the doctor to check on this new development. She's still moving - nudging and rolling - but none of the strong kicks that had been the norm.

It took a long time to get a consistent heartbeat on the monitor (it's hard to keep someone so small within range during the test) and my hand hurts from pushing the monitor into my stomach for 45 minutes, but it appears she's ok. For whatever reason, she's taking a break.

My guess? She's gearing up for something big :)


  1. I'm glad everything is okay--I was scared for you when I read this on Facebook. Rest! Rest! Rest!!! Maybe you both need a break. Love you!!!

  2. maybe it's getting too cramped in there? I read the movements diminish in the third trimester as they run out of place to stretch their legs...

  3. That's entirely possible and what I was thinking - it was just weird because it was a very sudden decrease. One day she's kicking the heck out of everything and the next she's barely was really weird.

    From what I read, she's about 2.5-3 pounds, and I don't "pop out" like most people when pregnant. I carry very close inside my ribs (as they say at the doctor's - I look like I'm about sixteen-eighteen weeks). It is a tighter space, I'm sure.