Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doctor's Visit

The doctor welcomed me into my third trimester today (yes; some may say it's 28 weeks, but she also considered the end of the first trimester to be 12 weeks, so we're going with her on this one) and we had a good check-up. Jellybean is measuring just as she should and had a heartbeat of 150. All good. I did drink the nasty drink and have the blood test, but the results don't come in until Thursday. I was told that no news is good news, so we'll hope to hear absolutely nothing back from them.

In other news, apparently, the nurse/doctor hotline for after-hours is now fixed and there is someone now available 24 hours a day. Yay!!! No more freaking out about whether or not to go to the ER. I also got a prescription to help my restless legs. Sleep is pretty rough right about now, so I'm going to take all the help I can get. She approved short-distance travel (to work, to my parents' house, etc) until Week 35 (unless something comes up, of course), so we'll see. Apparently my plan to work up until the birth may be a bust. I don't mind time off, but what on God's green earth would I do with three weeks of nothing but waiting? That would be tough.

I also asked about the likelihood of an early delivery. This is really on my mind for two reasons. The first is that Katie showed up at 36 weeks, so it's already happened to us. The second is that if I go into early labor and we don't catch it (we don't see it coming) or we can't keep me in labor for a long enough period of time, I would have to have general anesthesia for the C-section and I would miss Jellybean's birth. Brian, being a man, said it's no big deal and the important thing is that everyone is alive and healthy. Well, of course that's important, but I don't want to miss this. I've been working very very hard to get to this point and I want to be able to see it all. The doctor said that while we may have corrected some of the issue that brought Katie early (the shots should be helping with that issue), there is a good likelihood of early labor but that we'll do our best to keep Jellybean in there until 38 weeks. I sure hope we can...36 weeks isn't really that premature, but she was REALLY small and had a lot of eating problems (and wore newborn clothes for about three months). I don't want to worry about her lungs and eating and all that...I want her to be fully cooked and healthy.

So, that's it in a nutshell. Back to the massive pile of grading that I inflicted on myself :) Toodles!


  1. Glad that things are still going well. Hope you make it to full-term and don't need general anesthesia for the C-section. Good luck getting through the pile of grading.

  2. Happy Third Trimester! (Too bad Hallmark doesn't sell greeting cards for that.) I'm glad that you got the leg medicine--hopefully you'll get some good sleep now.