Tuesday, September 20, 2011

29 weeks

Another interesting visit today and a lot of new information.

First of all, Jellybean looks great. She wasn't real active this morning, so we could actually see her for a change. She's measuring exactly as she should and we got to watch her swallow, wave, and suck on her fist. It was pretty cool. I'm sorry I haven't posted sonogram pictures (especially since we're on our second photo album full), but the only scanner we have access to is older than Katie and very temperamental and I don't get electronic copies.

After the sonogram, I got my flu shot. And done.

On to the doctor's visit. BP is very good. A bit higher than I normally am, but still good (132 74). No worries there yet. Doctor came and measured and that was all good. Heartbeat was right about 147 - again, very good. Tried to cover all of my questions (I think I remembered them all, but I'm sure I forgot some). I've been quite lightheaded and dizzy lately, so she said I need to eat more protein. I'm ok with this a lot of days, but on MWF I teach from 11-2 and that little span of time seems to throw me off. I don't get a chance to throw anything down, so I try to stock up ahead of time - peanut butter sandwich, cereal bar, granola, yogurt, etc. It's usually a combo meal. After class I throw down a slim-fast quickly just for the protein boost to get me through the drive home, but apparently this is not enough, so I need to figure something else out.

Contractions have slowed down for the moment. I had some spells on Friday and Saturday, but they were only about an hour or so and I didn't have to take any medication. Dr. said if this changes - they become stronger or more regular or last longer, I'll have to come in for a FFT (Fetal Fibronectin Test) to see if the cervix is preparing for early delivery. If I would get a positive on that, I would be on bed rest until the test could be repeated (2 weeks). Another positive? More bed rest. Negative? Back to restricted movement. Obviously, bed rest is to be avoided at all costs, so we're just going to hope for no more contractions for a while.

Also found out that at about 35 weeks we will be switching from once daily Lovenox to twice daily Heparin. This is to avoid any complications should I need to deliver prior to my scheduled surgery. If I go into labor on Heparin, I should be able to have it reversed and be able to stay conscious throughout the surgery. I did find out that if I go into labor and am still on Lovenox, I will have to be put under general anesthesia...no questions.

Of course, if we're monitoring me for pre-term labor already and I happen to have positive FFT results or am on bedrest, we may switch to Heparin earlier just in case.

What does this mean? Well, obviously for the health of the baby we don't want to meet her prior to 35 weeks, but now, I also REALLY don't want to meet her before 35 weeks because neither Brian nor I will get to witness the delivery in that situation. I have to say, that would royally suck. I knew there was no chance of a "natural" delivery (going into labor on my own) and I also knew I couldn't have a VBAC, but to take away the option of even being conscious during surgery would be the worst case I can imagine.

I know - I know. It's most important that Jellybean is healthy and that everyone is ok, but it all comes down to that - this is it for me. I don't get to have another child after this (Dr. has advised against it and Brian is definitely against it), and if I miss it, I miss all of it.

So, I need to reduce stress. Eat as well as I can. Relax and not do too much. Pray that Jellybean hangs out in there for AT LEAST six more weeks. I can do this. I've done 207 days so far...63 more...


  1. Hoping so hard for you!!! Six more weeks is a cake-walk.

  2. Praying - 6+ more weeks AND a delivery you will always remember with joy!