Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Jellybean - In Person!

It's hard to see a lot right now, but the good news is that everything is looking good. Jellybean's head is to the left and the tail is to the right. In some pics you can make out arm and leg buds. The heartbeat was 164, which is exactly where we want it and I'm measuring right at 8 weeks.

Just in case this isn't good enough for you, clicking on any of the pictures will make it larger and you can read all the fun writing on them.

We did see a small pleat or "tear" in my uterus, but the tech said it was nothing to worry about. Said it may cause some spotting or bleeding (and that the Lovenox may do that as well), but that it should take care of itself. Worst case, we'll be looking at a couple days of bedrest (not good at this time of year, but what can you do?), but it typically resolves itself on its own.

So, all is looking good. We'll go back on Tuesday, May 10 for another set of pictures and a doctor's appointment :)


  1. Hooray!! I've been waiting to get home from work so I could see these. I'm so glad that things are looking good. (And you have your next sonogram on my birthday--even better.)