Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Time

Thankfully, there's not a lot to report at this point. Things have remained pretty constant, which is a good thing.

Most of you know this is a really really busy time of year when I'm getting in revised papers during class and through email by the boatload. It all tapers off on Friday, but until then, it's just a hellstorm of grading. That takes a lot of my time and concentration. Adding to that is that it's tech week for Titanic. Full costumes, make-up, sets, props, orchestra, lights and sound starting tonight. We've been getting done at about ten-thirty pm (that will now be a bit later when you consider that we have to get everything put away and scrub ourselves clean), so most of my time is spent napping when I can. It's been pretty exhausting.

One of the rough things has been that my arms and legs - particularly my ankles - have swollen up to a huge size. I have true cankles now that are just disgusting, but since I can't exercise (and due to the sheer quantities of progesterone and Lovenox I'm ingesting daily), I think I just have to live with it. It will be nice when I can be publicly pregnant and not just gross. In addition, much like with Katie, I'm freezing most of the day - except when I go onstage and then I start to sweat like a beast. Hormones are a lovely thing. The few people in the show that know laugh a lot at me. They enjoy my ups and downs a lot...kind people that they are.

No real nasty symptoms. Some nausea, but definitely nowhere near like it was with Katie. I'm definitely getting is starting to become a problem. My boobs are freakin' huge (which makes getting in and out of costume backstage - especially in front of the children - feel mildly pornographic). Oh well.

Other than that, unless something truly tragic happens, we're just waiting to see little Jellybean again next Tuesday. It's going to be rough when we get out of the first trimester and have to wait until 20 weeks to see the little person again :) But the good news is that we will be out of the first trimester.

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