Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Trying very hard to just stay focused on the positive. As of now, my symptoms are not only strong, but they continue to increase. There is no cramping or bleeding. Everything seems to be doing what it should.

Tomorrow is the new baby appointment - again, a monumental feat for us. I'm nervous and hoping they do an ultrasound (and hoping we see everything we need to see). If I get that heartbeat, I'm good. I know I can still lose it at that point, but it feels safer. After all, this is still the farthest we've made it since Katie. Oh, to be that stupid and ignorant again...what a nice change that would be...

In other news, my jeans no longer fit, which leads me to believe that this may be a significant weight gain pregnancy. It seems only fair since I lost so much weight with Katie, but I also remember that I gained all of my weight with her in the first trimester. After that, I just lost weight (thanks to her sitting on my stomach all the time). I've also found that my belly is very very bruised and tender which makes tight pants not so fun. However, I refuse to pull out anything maternity until I know that we're on a good road. I'm all about not jinxing anything.

Tomorrow we go in at 8:30. Hopefully I will have good news for you afterward. Thoughts and prayers, please!


  1. Text with good news please, since I can't check blogs at work. : )

  2. Yeah, me too. 8:30 is right after my first class, so I'll be twanging for you and obsessively checking my phone. :)