Saturday, April 2, 2011


Some cramping and bleeding today. Hopefully that's either from the small amount of walking I did this morning or from the new medicine. Hard to tell.

In any case - keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I'm a bundle of nerves and I'm sure that isn't helping.


  1. I thought about you in church today (WHAT?!? The heathen in church?!? And she LIVED?!?)

    I was thinking about how it was a week ago that you told me that you were 5 weeks along, so that makes you 6 weeks along, and I sat there trying to calculate how long it would be until your first trimester was over and you'd be "relatively" at no greater risk than anyone else.

    All that math made my head hurt. But I'm pulling for you guys. And I had to come home and count weeks on a calendar because I majored in theatre, not quantum physics.

  2. LMAO! Oh Rae - I needed that so much :)