Monday, April 4, 2011

My thoughts...

Overall, I'm in a very good place. Although I'm often uncomfortable and had forgotten about many of these fun little symptoms, it's not bad. I take each one as confirmation that everything is doing what it's supposed to, and that helps a bit.

I'm not going to say I'm not nervous though. It's now up in the air as to whether we will have a sonogram this week (since we are supposed to do one next week after starting the progesterone). I'm really hoping we do one so that I can settle down a little bit. By that point in time, if I'm still doubling (like I'm supposed to) then I should be at about 2460 - anything over 2000 should be visible on a sonogram. At that point we should be able to see a yolk sac, fetal pole, or even a heartbeat. Obviously, the heartbeat is the most important thing to me. Since I can't see anything or feel anything it's important to have that confirmation that it's ok. Until that point, everything could still disappear.

Ok, yes. It could still disappear after that. But in most cases, having a heartbeat is a significant win. You are less likely to lose a baby after seeing a heartbeat. Of course it happens, but it's not as likely.

I'm still very nervous since we don't have that. Enough people know that I would have to go through the horrible ordeal of...remember when I said I was pregnant...well, I'm not anymore. That sucks and I'm totally dreading it. I get stress rashes at night because I'm so freakin' terrified.

I feel like we passed two huge hurdles: I have doubled my numbers and I have no clear signs of trouble - that's new for us :) I try to stay focused on that and not the "what-if's" (since those will drive you nuts!) I just want to pass that one other major hurdle and see the heartbeat. After that, it's just get out of the first trimester and things should be good. But I feel like if I get a heartbeat, the trimester is a breeze :)

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