Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Great Day!

For the first time since we found out we are pregnant, I was able to have a good night's sleep and I woke up feeling awesome. Removing the majority of those nerves has made a tremendous impact on my quality of life and I'm loving it! I had a feeling a lot of the nausea and queasiness was due to nerves, but I wasn't able to be sure until now.

Don't get me wrong - that nausea still likes to pop up. Typically, it chooses really inopportune times. The most frequent offenders seem to be:
* When I get to Morton on the interstate. I understand this. Morton is enough to make a healthy, non-pregnant person nauseous. Apparently, my system is just picking up on this and going with it.

* Mid class. Typically right in the middle of an important concept or statement. That's always fun. I think I might have mastered how to finish speaking while simultaneously not throwing up. Of course, immediately thereafter, I have to run for the restroom (and in the Tech Center - where I'm always at the far end - this is like a sprint down a straight track). In keeping with my pregnancy with Katie, I have a feeling many students may indicate they have an incontinent instructor on their evaluations. (I'm just that good a teacher that they have a vocabulary like that :)

* Walking down the hall. Randomly. This typically causes me to stumble or to trip over my own two feet. Just call me Grace.

Surprisingly, most of the nausea occurs at school, although this really shouldn't be a surprise. After all, when I'm at home I can sit a lot and just lounge around. And we're still at a point in rehearsal where we spend a lot of time standing in one place or sitting. Also, school has the extra bonus of occurring during the morning - prime time, but definitely not the only time.

In any case, I'm feeling good and happy. Today I caught myself fantasizing about the holidays when little Bean will make his or her appearance. Will it be Thanksgiving? Finals week? Mid-December? Earlier? Later? In any case, Bean is the best Christmas/Thanksgiving present ever :) Katie will be thrilled when she finds out - she's been asking for both a little brother and sister for her birthday. We'll just have to push it off a bit (oh - and she's NOT getting one of each :).

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  1. December 18 is a good day to have a baby... my mother thought so. :)