Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Morning Nausea

So nice to meet up with you again.

I'm not going to complain, because you are a good sign; however, I am going to make the request that you allow me to do three things today (and any other day you decide to be my friend):

1). Please don't let me puke in front of my students. Last time you came, you were nice enough to allow me to always make it to the bathroom. I simply ask for that same courtesy this time as well.

2). Perhaps you and your BFF "dizziness" could take a small breather when I have to drive? That would be enormously helpful and certainly appreciated by all the other drivers (who, I should point out, are getting very pissed with my spaced out driving).

3). My final request is that you just give me back a little bit of my brain so I can stop looking so damn stupid in front of my students when I can't talk, answer simple questions, or even make coherent thoughts.

I have enough trouble with #3 without any additional help, so feel free to back off there :)

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