Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stupid Nikki

Is apparently STILL no good at following doctor's orders. After picking up Katie last night, I found that I really hurt my back. I mean - REALLY! Damn it hurts.

Sadness...I can deal with most restrictions, but this is a tough one.

Time to limp home and collapse into bed again.


  1. Hey!!! I just spent the last half an hour catching up on your blog! It was seriously like a very good movie -- I would read one posting and be left on pins and needles and then there'd be another with an answer.

    OMG!!! You're pregnant!! I am so happy and so very excited for you. This is going to be awesome and everything is going to be fine. I know you want to be cautious, as I would be too, but remember, God is with you and all your friends and family are praying for you. :-) Stay strong, and keep writing!

  2. Thanks Marcy! It has been a little thrill ride lately :)