Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's been going on...

It's been a long few days, but hopefully the worst is all over. As you know, Monday wasn't looking good and the pain was becoming pretty unbearable. I had called Brian to let him know we were going to the ER when he got home (this was about two o'clock), but then I pre-empted that decision and went on my own. Needless to say, he was a bit pissed when he found out, but I'm glad I went in when I did since we were there for days. Literally.

When I checked in, they did a lot of the standard tests - blood quants, ultrasound, etc. Thankfully, I got some really good pain and nausea medicine. Then they started to scare me because they started pumping me full of IV fluids, adding wristbands to my arm, and prepping me for emergency surgery. Now, surgery in and of itself isn't necessarily bad, but the more "emergency" it is, the more likely it is that they'll take out things that don't need to come out.

After monitoring my condition for about six hours, I was admitted and sent upstairs so they could continue monitoring throughout the night. The plus was that I had my own pain pump that I could use every ten minutes. The down side was that I was rooming with an elderly woman who a) had a husband who had decided that his rightful position was to set up an "office" (no, I'm not kidding - he had a fax, computer, phone, etc) right in front of the only bathroom door and b) groaned, moaned, and screamed all night long. It was like a combination of snoring and moaning that I am going to call snoaming. Unbearable isn't the word for it. These were really loud moans and yells. Crazy.

When I got up in the morning, I was still in pain, but it seemed to be better. The doctor looked at all the sonograms and quants and had determined that surgery should be a last resort. She felt the fetus was now microscopic and that there was a good chance she would miss it if she did have to go in surgically, so we were going to try to avoid it. About an hour or so later; however, things went really badly really quickly. I started running a fever, hallucinating, shaking, I was about to vomit and I was crying with pain. We thought that might be it and that surgery was certainly on its way, but thankfully we rode it out and made it through. On top of all the regular pain, my sinuses have stepped up to add in to the joy and I had a massive migraine yesterday.

Thankfully, as I began last night dreading another evening of moaning and yelling, my nurse noticed my discomfort and found me a new room. I cannot thank the two nurses enough who moved me and all of my stuff at nine-thirty at night into my OWN private room. Not only was I free of my neighbor and all of her noises, but I could go to the bathroom whenever I wanted. It was fabulous.

This morning, things were definitely better. I was finally able to eat (I had been on a clear liquid diet since Monday), and I managed to keep down a pancake and some juice. After that and a shower, I was ready to hit the road, and my doctor agreed. So I came home and crashed.

I'm still a bit woozy and don't feel 100%, but the doctor thinks that the past couple of days were the worst of it. She believes almost everything has flushed from my system now and that we're in recovery. Obviously, I'm left out all the really bloody parts of this story because it's just gross, but we can safely saw that most of the fetus is gone. I'm very thankful that we didn't go through with a third dose of methotrexate yesterday (we were THIS close - I begged the doctor not to), and I'm hoping to be feeling good by tomorrow or Friday.

Thank you for the good thoughts and positive messages. I'm hoping there's a clear light at the end of the tunnel for us now :)

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