Monday, December 13, 2010


I don't want to post much because there isn't a lot of happy stuff to say. I had my second two shots last week and they totally took me down. I was so lightheaded and dizzy (not to mention the nausea and pain that exist with the condition) that I couldn't function. Driving to work I felt like I was drugged and I could barely make it through the days. Brian even had to come pick me up on Friday. Of course, it was the last week of class, so canceling wasn't an option.

We did discover on Friday that my levels had finally dropped, but we don't know by how much. I went in this morning for another draw and hopefully it will show that they have dropped significantly. Still a lot of pain and blood and I would really like for this all to end. At this point, if they want to go in and cut something out, they're welcome to do so.

Will let you know when I know...

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