Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On to a New Year...

I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor today and we were pleased to see my HCG levels at 34. Six and under is considered negative, so I should no longer be pregnant by the time we check next Tuesday. At that point, the true fun begins.

The doctor can't tell if this ectopic is part of a pattern or a fluke because it doesn't fit with my previous two pregnancy losses. Therefore, we will have to start doing some serious testing to figure out where we stand. She said we need to give my body a few weeks to "reset" before we check anything. Then, I guess it's game on.

Sounds like we will be looking at genetic issues, autoimmune issues, and now, due to a certain ectopic pregnancy, we will have to do some CT and MRI scans, among others, to determine if there is damage, scar tissue, etc. in the area.

In other words, we're starting down what sounds like a long and frustrating road. I'm trying to look on the bright side and believe that in the long run we will have some answers that will help us move forward and help us carry a pregnancy to term.

Happy New Year a bit early. I hope it's better than 2010 :)

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