Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Had a terrible day today.

Needed a blood draw since it's been a week since I was released from the hospital and, likewise, my last one. When I got to the hospital and the outpatient lab, there were so many people there it was insane. You have to be admitted, register, and then go to the lab. It's a very long process.

In any case, I tried to make the best use of my time by calling to reschedule my doctor's appointment. I called the office and asked if I could move it from the 29th to the 28th and was asked what it was for. I said it was a follow-up visit and she cut me off and said, "Oh right - you delivered."

But when I said that, she explained that medically, I had delivered. After she asked how the baby was and if I was sleeping.

The same thing happened in registration and in the lab.

Perhaps we need some new terminology. Or perhaps we need to acknowledge the fact that not everyone who "delivers" actually got to take their baby home.

In any case, it sucked.

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