Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Situation: So far...

So, it's been a long weekend with a lot of travel and very little good news to report. The best news, my new doctor is amazing. Thank God! She's been so on the ball and has helped so much this weekend - especially with it being a holiday weekend.

On Thursday, we went in for a new HCG quant and found that our levels had gone to 560. Since we were at 300 on Tuesday, a true double would have been 600. We weren't there, obviously, but it was close - too close to call. So, we had to come back to OSF in Bloomington on Saturday to get another level. In short, we left Brian's parents on Friday, drove to my parents, spent the night, got up early Saturday to drive to Bloomington for a blood test and then back to E'ville, and then drove back to Bloomington today.

Our quant on Saturday was 900. Definitely not a double. That's an indication that something is wrong, but it's still not clear what. A miscarriage will drop and an ectopic will eventually level off, so we're on to the next step. I have to do another quant tomorrow morning to see if it's done one of those. If it's still rising, then I don't know what's going on, but in the afternoon we'll do another sonogram to determine how to proceed from here. They're going to pay close attention to my tubes, obviously, and we'll determine if another surgery is necessary.

And so, I continue my tradition of ending each semester with a pregnancy mishap. Yee-haw. Hope everyone had a more restful Thanksgiving than we did.

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