Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Life is Unbelievable....

And I'm not kidding.

First of all, I had an AMAZING morning getting to see baby Grace born! I'm so thrilled that I have a friend who lets me be a part of that amazing experience. She came out singing and was just beyond beautiful - AND - she managed to be timely enough that I made it to class with three minutes to spare. Excellent work, Grace!!

Now, if I hadn't lived it, I wouldn't believe it.

I've had some pretty serious bleeding for the past fourteen days. It varies between spotting and bleeding, but today was accompanied with full out pain. After taking three pregnancy tests, they turned out positive. So, I headed back to the same hospital that told me I was negative and asked what the hell was going on.

In short, we don't know. I appear to be five weeks and six days along with an HCG count of 300; however, we don't know if that's going up or down. Again. So we begin the waiting game yet again. Thankfully, I can be tested on Thursday, but I don't think I'll get results before Friday or Monday...it's going to be a long, tense weekend. The cramping and bleeding are obviously not great signs, but we don't have anything definitive yet.

I'm going to just suggest that you log in when you want to see something more amazing than your daily soap opera. I'm emotionally numb at this point and just waiting. The bleeding and cramping scare me, but we'll see....

God - one of these days could you give me something definite? I'd be pretty happy with that ;)

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