Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just your average ER visit

So tired of this stuff.

Had to go to the ER last night since the pain was so freakin' unbelievable. Unfortunately, after many many hours (I was discharged around 1:15am), the cause is still undetermined. Due to the fact that they classify me as a high risk pregnancy, they couldn't do a lot because they don't want to hurt the baby. They did a LOT of blood and urine tests which all came back a-ok. After much discussion with my own OB-GYN, they decided I needed to do a CT scan. This is not something you like to do during pregnancy as it involves radiation, but they decided it was necessary after two months of this stuff. Of course, nothing showed up. Why can't it just be easy like: oh, we found your problem and will now fix it!

So, I'm frustrated and very very tired and I hurt. All I want is for the pain/nausea to go away so I can enjoy time with my duaghter without being so frustrated and short-tempered (lack of sleep due to pain, and pain-nausea themselves are not conducive for being a patient and fun mom).

Very very frustrated. Would really like someone to fix this. They were certain it was a stone, but couldn't find it. All the pain is under my rib cage on the right side of my back - very localized. I really hope this stops soon so I can just play with Katie.

*deep sigh*

UPDATE - 2:00pm

Doctor is sure it's a kidney stone regardless of what CT scan shows. Still blood in the urine and all signs point to stone. Gave me stronger pain meds and made an appointment for me with a Urologist on Monday. Essentially, we are going to continue to wait it out.

Dear God give me strength. This sucks.

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