Monday, May 30, 2011

Pregnancy News

We had a very good weekend overall. It was lovely to get to visit my family and have the opportunity to actually be "out" with my pregnancy. No hiding or being sly with what I say or do - it was a nice change of pace. Everyone is very excited and gearing up for the arrival of Jellybean. Wish it wasn't so far away :)

In other news, we were late heading down to my parents' house on Friday because I had to go to the doctor again. I have the same symptoms of the Kidney infection. I have serious pain in the lower right side of the back and the pain is so bad it makes me nauseous. It's horrible. I went in and they found blood in my urine, but no sign of an infection, which means they can't tell me what it is or how to fix it. Being as this is the third time in less than two months that this has happened, it's fair to say I'm frustrated. Overall, this is the only real sickness I'm having, but it's a doozy as it puts me in pain and makes me nauseous. Their best guess is a kidney stone...they said I'll know if that happens and that we'll be making a trip to the ER. Obviously, I really hope that's not the case; however, there's a part of me that says, "If that makes all this silliness stop, I can gut it out." Nothing has happened so far, and my doctor was nice enough to give me enough zofran and tylenol 3 to get through six more days...I have my next appointment on Tuesday the 7th, so hopefully it will either clear up or I can get some better answers then.

School with start back up on the sixth. Not thinking about it. So thankful to those who dropped by from ICLW and happy for the new friends and blogs I have found! Have a lovely (but very warm and humid) evening! Happy Memorial Day!

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