Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a weekend...

I think we tried to outdo ourselves with "most things completed in a weekend" this weekend. We did SO MUCH, but we had a great time. Now it's time to relax.

Since I'm feeling a bit more mobile and human, we were finally able to actually do some things this weekend. Let me give you some insight:

Saturday morning:
Off to the Bloomington Farmer's Market for some shopping, dancing to music, and petting many dogs.
Headed to Miller Park Zoo so Katie could take some pictures with her camera. Unfortunately, we forgot that Special Olympics were in town, so it was too crowded to stay very long.
And so we went to the Bloomington Library for story time - all about dragons. We picked up some Raffi CD's and Katie has fallen in love with bad children's music...but it's cute.
Nap and lunch
Off to downtown Bloomington again for their free concert outdoors. Such a beautiful night for it. There was MUCH dancing by Katie and her new friends that she made down by the stage.
Top it off with some ice cream. We don't do sugar treats often, so this was a good one.

Sunday Morning:
Breakfast with friends from grad school. While at breakfast, a man comes around to make balloon animals. Katie got a Tinkerbell which is truly impressive.
Off to the Tremont Turkey Festival. After looking through the rummage sale and the craft show, Katie got to go on some of the rides.
Now we're home, relaxing and ready for the Tony's....I'm exhausted, but it was a very nice weekend with some wonderful weather.

Hope yours was as nice!

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