Monday, June 27, 2011


Gearing up to go to work tomorrow. I shouldn't complain - I only go in once a week - but I just hate this class. The students are absolutely miserable and will not participate. They just sit there with scowls on their faces and refuse to answer questions - even when called on. *deep sigh* That makes for a LOOONG three hours.

We took Katie to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and she got some lovely facepaint. This was the first time she'd ever had it done and she was thrilled. She got two lovely blue butterflies on either side of her face (complete with sparkly blue eyeshadow on her eyes which, while adorable, kinda creeped me out). When the day ended we had to break the news to her that we needed to take off the paint and she got very upset. Come to find out that she was afraid we wouldn't think she was pretty without it. Simultaneous broken heart and laughter on our part :) Needless to say, she was reassured plenty that she's still gorgeous.

After that we were going to go see a show outdoors, but it rained. Again. I've kinda had it with the rainy cold weather this summer (but it's nice to not have to pay for air conditioning). Thankfully, we thought to go bowling, which Katie had never done before. She loved it and got the first strike of the night :) It was pretty cute. She also got 100 on her first game which is something that I strive to do whenever I play...typically without much success.

JellyBean appears to be doing well. Today s/he gave me a good solid wallop right to the gut, leading me to believe that s/he got a great running start before hitting a wall. It also appears that s/he is learning to jump rope with the placenta, but I could be mistaken. In any case, it's a lot of fun because while I had vague memories, I forgot what it was like to have a little hijacker making things move and affecting your body - and you have NO control over it. I need to remember this in about two months when the little one is dancing around and I can't sleep ;)

Been doing a bit of looking around at baby gear as well. We know we're going to need a new pack 'n play and a dresser for the room. Other items are not required but may be necessary. I think we need a Sit n' Stand stroller to help us corral the children and to make life easier. Is it required? I don't think so, but I think I'm going to want one (especially since Katie is not great at "listening" right now). However, she'll be four when we're really using it, so maybe we don't need one? I don't know. The other maybe is a new infant car seat. Ours is still good, so we really shouldn't get one, but the problem is that I drive a Civic. Actually, we drive a Civic as Brian's car is not to be trusted on distances farther than five miles (thankfully allowing him to get to work and back). If we have Katie behind the driver and the baby behind me, with that carrier handle pushed all the way back, I will lose my seat almost entirely. We put it in the car and I had my knees up in my chest.

Obviously, things change in three years and seats are a bit more compact now, but not by a lot; however, the one made to go with the Sit n' Stand stroller does seem to be the smallest, so it may just be the way the universe is telling us to get them. Obviously, if we had been thinking four years ago when we bought the Civic, we would have gotten an Accord and this wouldn't be a huge problem, but at that time we were simply considering gas mileage since I drive so far to and from work. Hindsight is 20/20, huh?

Here's the bad part - the infant seats in this brand are ugly. And I mean UGLY. I know that shouldn't matter. They're not that expensive and they are going to be smaller and easier to carry, but if the baby is a boy then our choices are black with a yellow stripe or black with lime green. Blech! It gets a bit better if it's a girl, but...well, we'll see.

18 week appointment next Tuesday. We'll find out then when we get to have our sonogram to make sure JellyBean is looking as good as s/he is acting and to find out who it may be. Just to forewarn you - we probably will not be sharing names ahead of time with this one (as it's been the cause of many arguments between us and may well not be settled until after the baby's second birthday) but we'll definitely share gender!

Have a pleasant evening. I'm going to go toss and turn with these darn restless least when JellyBean really starts moving it will give me something else to blame sleepless nights on ;)


  1. I'm so excited for you guys to get to this phase! I think whatever kind of stroller makes life as a mom of two easier is a good call.

    Have fun feeling your little acrobat!!!

  2. I love hearing about the baby movements, and your daughter sounds like a real cutie. I hope your pregnancy continues to go well!

    happy ICLW!