Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

We had a good appointment today. Jellybean did not, and I repeat NOT, want to be found with the doppler and that took a very long time. What was more amusing, however, was that rather than being found, when the doctor would get close, Bean would kick the microphone. So, we knew s/he was good and ok, but we couldn't get close enough to get the heartbeat. I think we have a little stinker on our hands. We did eventually get a hold of him/her and got the heartbeat - 143. All good.

Also found out more details about delivery. Since this is a semi-high risk situation and there's so much going on, there is no chance of a VBAC (and I'm really ok with that). It will definitely be a c-section and it will be scheduled at 38 weeks (unless there is a reason to go earlier or later). Dr. said there were so many variables and concerns with this delivery with my condition and the Lovenox that we have to carefully plan out the delivery and take advantage of that window at the end of pregnancy where you have some room to play around. Apparently, I'll have to stay on the shots for a while after delivery to avoid any complications for myself - clots and whatnot.

This is good to know because now I have some serious thinking to do about the fall semester. If I can work all the way up until the delivery, I'm still going to be out at least two or three weeks before the end of the semester, so I need to make sure I get as much work done with my writing classes as I can before a sub takes over (since writing isn't so much a "right/wrong" subject, I'm very uncomfortable having someone step in and grade for just a couple of weeks). It's not the best situation professionally, but personally I'm going to try not to care - bigger things to focus on.

So that's the news in a nutshell. The Urologist visit yesterday revealed a very very creepy doctor (if you met him in real life, you would immediately either think stereotypical undertaker or rapist/molester - really creepy), but he seemed to think that it's not a stone. He thinks that the original infection never cleared up and that it's just getting worse. He wants me to stay on my antibiotic from the hospital from hell and come back in two weeks for a check-up. At that point, I should be done with the antibiotic and feeling way better - here's hoping. He thinks I'll have to stay on a low-level antibiotic for the rest of the pregnancy just to keep these things away.

Isn't it funny how you try to do things right and have a good, healthy pregnancy, and that's when it's medication out the wazoo?? I was barely allowed Tylenol with the last one (albeit - that was a different doctor), and now I have the lovenox and the progesterone and the antibiotics and nausea meds and pain meds. It makes me really really nervous, but the doctor assured me it was ok. She said if the baby was delivered now (which would clearly be bad) it would be woozy and have some issues due to the pain meds, but that since we're so far from delivery it's no problem and that it won't affect any development.

We're back for another checkup on the 5th of July and then a week or two after that, we'll find out who JellyBean is. Hopefully things will start to be a bit smoother now that we have (maybe) figured out the issues. I'd like to not see a doctor again until a scheduled appointment :)

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  1. I think that all things involving Urologists are creepy. I used to have a Urologist client and not only was he really creepy, he had the creepiest waiting room ever. Hopefully you'll be better soon and won't have to spend too much time there.