Thursday, June 30, 2011

By the numbers...

144 days to go (I know the counter above says it's more, but we have to subtract two weeks from that as our goal is 38 weeks and not 40).

At this point, by the numbers,

I have been pregnant for 125 days.

I have had five prenatal appointments (with another next week).

I have had blood drawn for pregnancy purposes 22 times.

I have given myself 97 injections (ok, Brian did some of those, but I'm still proud).

I have taken 112 doses of progesterone.

I have had five sonograms and two doppler screenings.

I have had three kidney infections with four antibiotics - one of which I will now take until I deliver.

I have had two visits to the ER which were thankfully both related to the kidney infections.

I have had one CT scan, which we never ever ever want to do again during a pregnancy.

I have gone through more Tums in the past two weeks than I remember being humanly possible.

I have enjoyed feeling JellyBean kick for most of the past week.

I still live every day with almost constant fear and worry.

I need to focus on hope. Hope is the reason we have gotten this far, and I know it will get us even further.


  1. Crazy list of everything that's gotten you to this point! Hope is a very powerful thing- keep it going strong!

  2. Great idea for a post! I've actually kept all my used syringes so I can count them up and take a picture at the end. Currently there are over 400! Those Lovenox shots really add up.

  3. So if it's a girl, I think you just decided on a name.