Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Meeting

I think we have things figured out and they are going to work out as well as they can. Nothing is completely set yet, but it should be ok.

The fall is the fall. I lost my overload, which was tough. I could have kept it, but there were some compelling reasons not to.
1. I'm supposed to be low-stress and another class is not low stress (I got rid of a writing course, which is nice).
2. If I have to leave the semester earlier than planned - or even for the last 3-4 weeks - my pay will not reflect that additional course. I will only get sick pay for the base load.

Considering the likelihood of something happening sooner in the semester (I'm using Katie and the fact that this is high-risk as my measure here), I think I made the best choice. It's lost money, but it may help us all in the long run with the baby.

For the spring, B and BB proposed a new option: I will be teaching all 8 and 12 week courses. There is no overload (I had lost that anyway), but I wouldn't start the semester until February 13th and after midterm break. I just found out that it will be four 12 week classes (one online) and one eight week class.

It's a bit of a bummer because it will be back to a five day a week schedule (so we'll pay five day daycare and gas but without the benefit of my overload pay), and once the 8 wk class starts, I will have a three hour break between classes on MW and will come in only for a 1-3pm class on Friday. It does give me four weeks off without using sick time. If I go all the way until I'm scheduled to go in, I'll have 12 total weeks off - paid. And I only have to use about three weeks of sick time (leaving me with 6.8 for emergencies). I'm trying to tell myself the benefits outweigh the rest, but I'm not good at convincing myself of things.

So, I lost some money on the overloads, but I did get a less stressful schedule for fall and a better option for spring. Of course, BB's main concern was me and my stress level. Which is all well and good, but she doesn't quite understand when I say, "I need to work because I need money." She's very much of "family is first and the rest doesn't really matter" mentality - definitely a good thing, but the rest does matter :)

Now, if the state of Illinois would stop f*&king with our insurance options, I'd be good to go.

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  1. Oh, lesser stress is always welcome, so just focus on the pregnancy, and make sure your schedule suits you.

    Take Care!

    iclw #36