Tuesday, July 5, 2011

18 weeks

If we're shooting for 38 weeks as our prime delivery zone, then next week will mark HALFWAY THERE!! Thank God. It's been good, but still very nerve-wracking and stressful.

Just got out of my 18 week doctor's appt. Things are looking good overall. Baby JellyBean made a much quicker appearance via doppler this time, but still bounced around enough to give the doctor some trouble. Heartbeat appears to be between 145-150, which is good. Doctor is now in agreement with me that it is a boy, but we'll see. Had some talk about going to a more restricted movement lifestyle. Right now, I'm supposed to back off of anything extra. No extra walking, chores, etc. (which sounds like a good deal until you think about the fact that this includes things like zoos) and we'll see if that makes life a bit better. I've found that when I do anything out of the ordinary (even something as simple as unloading the dishwasher a couple of times in a day - instead of once - or doing several loads of laundry in a row) I really really pay for it. I get these massive pains in my back that wrap around and squeeze my stomach (sounds like a contraction, huh? my thoughts too).

Apparently, the culprit could be sciatic nerve pain (which the doctor says is more likely to show up with each subsequent pregnancy...all these things I never knew), but in any case, the cure is to take it easy. It brings some pink spotting with it, but the doctor thinks that's related more to the Lovenox and the fact that I can now gush blood at the slightest opportunity. In any case, I think I'm supposed to ease off to see if that helps things. It doesn't seem like there's anything serious going on, but we definitely want to avoid restrictions and bed-rest at all costs.

So, I'll be heading back in five weeks (normally it would be four, but they're moving offices) and then we'll be closer to heading into that final trimester. Sonogram next week - Wednesday morning - to find out who JellyBean might be. I'm really really ready for that :)

And that's all I have to report for the moment. Enjoy your summer days and try not to get too hot!


  1. Oooof. Sorry about the sciatic pain- I can imagine it's incredibly frustrating. Good luck with keeping it under control! As for the heat, it's too late for keeping it from getting TOO hot, but we're getting better at dealing with it- lots of popsicles in the freezer!

  2. Sounds like things are going great! Keep updating the blog. :-)