Monday, July 11, 2011

If you can't laugh at yourself...

Then why bother, right?

So, I had a good weekend, but Friday was a day that I'd like to forget. Everything was going well and I was feeling good, so I decided to do some "light" exercise to make myself feel a little better about these monstrous thighs and huge flappy arms. Full disclosure: I typically never do anything "light" or halfway, but this time I honestly did. I monitored myself very closely throughout and made sure I was never tired, achy, or thirsty. It was only about thirty minutes, and I was happy when I was done.

Unfortunately, my body was not. Within a half an hour, I was nauseous, dizzy, and I started developing some really horrible tunnel vision. Also (again, beware of TMI and full disclosure), I was leaking. I typically have a problem with heavy pregnancy discharge, but this was very different. I was soaking a pad with something clear. Putting all these signs together totally petrified me...and so we made the always unpopular decision to go to the ER since these did not appear to be good signs. (Thankfully, we got to go to our own ER, which is wonderful, and not the ER from hell.)

I'm going to cut through all the bull here...I could tell you about sitting and waiting or trying to keep a three year old occupied in the ER, but it boiled down to this: did my membranes rupture and was I about to go into premature labor?

Nope. Peed myself. Awesome. Turns out I had a very strange convergence of symptoms that, taken separately, are all absolutely nothing - however, the way they came together that day made it seem scary. The doctor determined I was having a migraine (hence the dizziness, nausea, and tunnel vision) and that the headache intensity plus the exercise loosened muscles elsewhere since they were focused on keeping the pain at bay.

A bit of tylenol and I was on my way to be sure, but on my way home.

So, yes, I am the woman who went to the ER for a headache and the ability to pee her pants. Of course, we are very thankful that it was not serious, but...well...I can't believe I even just shared that experience with you. That's a true sign of pregnancy right there - modesty is gone, apparently. But things continue to go well and we are excitedly awaiting our sonogram on Wednesday :) Hope your weekend was less eventful than ours!


  1. Well crap! I'd have been scared too! I'm so glad it was just a migraine and incontinence~

  2. Thank you both for not (openly) laughing at me :)

  3. Oh, I openly laughed...
    You just can't see that through the screen.
    Just Kidding.
    I think anyone in your situation would have reacted about like you.