Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jellybean Revealed

And so, we now know for (pretty much) sure who our baby is going to be. Thankfully, all the stars fell into alignment and the obnoxious little fetus within me cooperated (barely) enough to show herself. Yup, Katie got her wish and will have a little sister in a few months. She was so excited she squealed. It was pretty cute.

So, the little one was not in the mood to cooperate this morning. It was clear that she was sleeping and was NOT in the mood to be poked and jostled. Just like with Katie, she had her arms up over her face, so we couldn't see a whole lot of her face, but we did get a few good shots. She's measuring 10oz right now and all the big stuff looks good. Brain, heart, and spine are all good - all major limbs are in place. Unfortunately, as she was so stubborn and facing inward toward my back, we couldn't check a lot of the little things, so I'll be doing that at my next pre-natal appointment. The good news is that means we get to see her again in four weeks (when she's bigger and easier to forcibly manipulate if necessary).

So, for now we let her curl up and go back to sleep and Katie is dancing around and planning all the things she will do with and teach her new sister. Her main request right now is to share a room with her little sister. I will certainly be reminding her of that request in about five years :)

Now when we shop, we will be looking at girl patterns and colors - it won't be all pink (because that just gets obnoxious), but since it's pretty certain that another child is out of the question for us, we can safely buy gender specific items without guilt (which we had a hard time justifying with Katie). We appear to have arrived at the perfect name (in fact, it was so perfect and it fit so well that I realized over the weekend that this probably was a girl - it had to be), but we're going to keep that to ourselves. There should be some surprise at the end, and since we're going to have a pretty detailed and scheduled delivery, this is about all we can keep secret (of course, she could still show up earlier on her own, but with as closely as we'll be monitored, that's not too likely).

Good news for all :) A healthy baby for mom and dad and a sister for Katie. Life is good!


  1. So, so exciting! I love how excited your little Katie is about having a sister!

  2. Woo Hoo! Can't wait to learn her name.

  3. stopping by from ICLW!
    congrats on the great u/s and finding out the gender!
    I can't wait to feel the baby kick (I am 11w5d now)!!

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy and a healthy baby girl!

  5. That is awesome!! Congratulations! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!

    ICLW #5