Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lookin' good

We just had our third sonogram and second pre-natal doctor visit and everything went very well. Jellybean is looking really good and in two weeks we will be out of the scary trimester and into "normal" pregnancy. I can't wait.

When we arrived, we saw Jellybean right off. S/he's gotten SOOO big. The first thing we saw was the heart just beating away...but not for long. Jellybean was just bouncing around and dancing like you wouldn't believe. They had a hard time taking pictures because the little person just wouldn't stay still for a second. S/he was waving arms and legs and just twisting and turning up a storm. So, fetal movement? Check!

Today they estimated my due date at December 5, which puts me at a bit over ten weeks. Jellybean was measuring about 9cm (last time, Bean was only 4.5!) and the pleat in the uterus had shrunk, so that should be gone soon. The heartbeat at this point should be between 130-170, and Jellybean came in at 168, so it's all looking good.

Doctor says all is exactly as it should be. Unfortunately, the nausea that comes from my back pain seems to be related to pregnancy. That's a bummer because it's the least comfortable part, but - again - I'll deal. Not that big a deal. She said that we'll do one more sonogram at twelve weeks (May 24th, if you're keeping track), and if all looks good at that point, I can:
1) Go off the progesterone
2) Start lifting things and doing light exercise (like walking)
3) Tell people because we are out of the first trimester
4) Relax and start to enjoy being a "normal" pregnant lady.

We'll do a sonogram at about twenty weeks for gender (yes, of course we will find out) and then we'll do weekly or biweekly sonograms in the third trimester to monitor for early labor, but we're almost out of the really hard part. Thanks for sticking with us so far :) There's no reason to think it won't continue to go well, but that can be said for a lot of life. Right now, we're just going to think positively and start to do some serious planning...


  1. I'm doing a happy dance for yooooooooouuu!!!

  2. Wonderful baby news! So glad to hear all is well. I'm sorry to read about Pete. He was a loving cat, and I'll always remember the way he drooled on people when he slept. Rest peacefully, Pete.