Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I took a mental health day today.

It was lovely. I'm trying to get my head on straight and get my emotions in check as we get going on everything again. It's a lot to undertake and I'm scared, so I'm trying to just get ready (and being as it's the week before spring break and we're doing grammar drills in class just convinced me that I could take the time).

I've decided to use Lent to really get into a good place. I'm going to actually take time to exercise and try to sleep and eat right. Cut back on that caffeine and say toodles to alcohol and all the other processed and nasty things that a pregnant woman shouldn't have. I want to be in control of as much as I humanly can - even if that's not much.

We should have some early results in a week or two. Who knows what will come back, but I'm ready. Like it or not, emotional roller-coaster that is my life, I'm jumping back on and holding on tight ;)

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