Sunday, February 13, 2011

And so...

In the grand scheme of "more than you need to know - but you've tuned in so I feel like you deserve updates"'s where we are:

At the moment: baby aspirin and double folic acid daily along with prenatal vitamins. Gotta make sure we are as good as we can be. I'm also slowly weaning off all of my other meds. This is a pro/con situation. It's good to go off them because the endorphins of pregnancy take their place...until then, it's a shitstorm of bipolar fun ;) Just kidding. Overall, it's not too bad.

Future: By the next cycle we can start trying again. At the first positive test, we start daily injections of anti-coagulants. BTW - should I get a medic-alert bracelet or card or something? To me, it seems like pregnant + anti-coagulant + blood thinner might be something to advertise just in case of an accident. What's your thought?


  1. I am all kinds of pro-medic bracelet. Keep yourself covered in case you can't advocate for yourself (car accident, passed out, horrifically tragic spelunking accident). You can get them as cheap as $9.99. You can also get them for $400. You know, depending on your preferred bling.

    I went with sterling silver-

    And then when you order one, you get another for 50% off, so I got a "sport band", too. All told, I think I spent $80 for the two.

    There are a shit ton of websites. I liked this one because it was fairly simple. There are some where you choose the plate, then the bracelet, then engraving is extra- engraving with this one was free, even though the selection is pretty utilitarian.

  2. I was seriously debating this issue until you brought up the tragic spelunking accident. As those happen so regularly, I am now completely convinced as to the credibility of your argument.

    Can we get matching ones? Not that mine will say cool things like yours....


  3. Only if, when we see each other, we scream, "WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!" and slam our wrists together.

    I'm going to assume a fair amount of alcohol will be involved. Oh hell, who am I kidding? We'd do that stone cold sober.

  4. LMAO - I so want to do this with you!!!!