Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Update

I know I've been a little bit MIA, but we've been busy.

Thankfully, the summer term is over and I no longer have to grade. This means I also don't get on the computer as much since it will become an appendage again when the fall semester starts.

We just took a nice little vacation to Chicago for a few days with Katie and it was a lot of fun.

I have just a bit over a week until I have to be back at school, so I'm trying to avoid the "summer depression" thing that I get every summer at this time: mourning the loss of full days with Katie; feeling like there was so much left undone; wondering if I made it enough fun for Katie; feeling nervous about the semester; all that kind of fun stuff.

But it will all be good and once the semester starts, I will quickly slip back into routine and be pretty happy with my days; it's just the transition period that's always hard - and the EXCESSIVE planning I've had to do for the coming semester (to help subs when the time comes) has made me an eensy bit more stressed out than usual.

So, it's time to just enjoy the days and relax so I'm all recharged and ready to get back in the classroom. I'm sure I'll be back on after our sonogram/checkup on Tuesday to give you all the new info on our little Jellybean. In the meantime, enjoy what's left of your summer :)

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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet comments. It's so hard TTC as it is and sometimes I'm not sure if having her makes it easier emotionally or harder...