Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Milestone

We are now at 89 days (which is less than 90 if you have forgotten how to count - as I have on many many days recently). And yes, we are going to celebrate each new count that I get to here :) Another big ol' Woot Woot!

Things are better at school. I'm lucky enough to have wonderful students who are making my life infinitely easier with their care and concern. None of them wants to see me go into labor in the classroom (and they have not been shy about sharing that fact - this is really funny since I actually did go into labor with Katie at school. My water broke there, I didn't know, and I can show you which room if you'd like the "really TMI tour") and they all are very careful to tell me to sit down or drink more water when I start to do too much. It's like have 60 parents, but they're really cute.

They're also really engaged and smart and I love that. There's nothing worse than a quiet class, and so far I don't have those. Yay!!

The best part is having Tuesday and Thursday off for recuperation purposes. The bonus to that is that I get to pick up Katie from preschool and hang out with her. It's a bit harder on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because those are REALLY full days, but my body is so thankful for not having to drive the 40 minutes each way to work and all that that entails. I'm very very lucky to be able to have a schedule like this (and since our department is changing our classes, this is the ONLY time it will happen. All of our developmental classes are going to five days a week plus two lab hours in the Fall of 2012).

Jellybean is getting so much stronger every single day. She slept while I taught and drove yesterday, but the whole time I was in the office and at home she was kicking. Not dancing or rolling or just moving - KICKING! She is really really really really strong. I honestly can't believe it. I think I may be happy when she runs out of room and can only nudge, but then she'll be big enough to do some serious damage. Oh well.

One more week and we're off to the doctor's office for our THIRD TRIMESTER check-up (and we head into appointments every two weeks). I never dreamed I would make it this far (and I honestly didn't really dare hope). Last year at this time, this seemed like a situation that would never ever happen. My doctor is amazing. My friends are amazing. My family is amazing. My God is amazing.


  1. You forgot to mention that YOU are AMAZING!

  2. Hi Nikki...thanks so much for stopping over at my blog. :-) I SERIOUSLY hope that if your water breaks at school this time, you'll know it! LOL! Better yet....just don't break at school, water. ;)

    ICLW #103

  3. LOL! That would be an EXCELLENT plan that I hope to follow :)

  4. third trimester, that's BIG!!!
    congrats on everything going so well :)))