Sunday, August 14, 2011

How it's going...

Not bad. Jellybean is doing very very well as evidenced by her rigorous exercise routines that she insists on performing every couple of hours. She has very strong legs that are just amazing me every single time I feel them since it makes me wonder (and cringe to think about) what they will feel like in another couple of months. If she's already so long (just like Katie, she spends her days with her head down in my pelvis and her legs and feet up in my ribcage) and so strong that I just can't imagine where she's going from here.

I'm doing ok. I've got the return of morning sickness, which I had hoped to avoid but knew would probably happen. I had this happen with Katie (although I think it was a few weeks later - maybe around 27?) and it's not fun, but it's not unbearable. Most of mine is just plain ol' nausea which shows up about halfway to 3/4s of the way through the day and just makes me uncomfortable. Hopefully it won't hang around too long and it'll just be a little blip in the road. Also, the heartburn is making itself known with a vengeance. This weekend was the worst I've had in terms of sleeping - even upright I was in a lot of pain. I think I downed much more than my daily allotment of Tums, so I'm trying to increase my milk/yogurt for the day to see if that helps a bit. I remember this being far worse much earlier with Katie, so I'm happy it's held off this long.

Other than that, I'm doing well. Since the heat backed off, I finally feel more normal - like I can walk around without feeling like a whale who's always out of breath. My nerves and patience are a bit short, but that seems to be due to not sleeping so much. I'll have to be especially conscious of that when class starts next week so I don't become the uber-bitch teacher that I was when I was pregnant with Katie. The nice part about this pregnancy is that I am a lot more aware of myself and my reactions and I seem to be in overall better control of them, which I'm sure those living with me and working with me appreciate (or will appreciate when the fall semester starts). I have gotten over the post-summer depression and am starting to look forward to classes starting, which is another good hurdle to be over. Mentally, I'm feeling very good and enjoying the little Bean as much as I can (although I'd still prefer her to be out here where I could snuggle with her).

100 days to go...tomorrow we're down to double digits. What an amazing milestone...I mean, you consider that 38 weeks of pregnancy is about 266 days. I've gone through 166 - way more than halfway. We've had no serious issues (knock on wood) and Jellybean is developing exactly as she should and looking healthy at this point in time. I am sincerely and incredibly thankful for all of this...I can do 100 days of uncomfortable if we can continue to have a happy and healthy baby at the end of those days. Thank you all again for all of your love, thoughts, prayers, and's not over yet, but it's within sight :)

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